What kind of stockings to choose for each occasion

Dress stockings are a must-have for wearing dresses and skirts when it gets colder.

In addition to keeping us warm, stockings add style and femininity. But not all stockings are the same, nor do they go with any outfit. We give you a guide to help you choose the right ones:

– If you’re going to spend a lot of time outside, it’s best to choose thick, opaque stockings that will keep your legs warm.

– To go to the office or a work meeting, you can wear opaque medium-density tights that will keep you warm without looking too casual.-

– The semi-transparent black stockings are perfect to wear at night or to a party because they add a sophisticated touch.

– Those with drawings or wefts look great with a simple outfit. The only exception is those with plumeti, which look great with cocktail dresses.

– Tights do not always have to be black. You can choose different colors and pair them with your clothes.

What are your favorites?

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