Modeling Advice

There is more to becoming a model than good looks. It is a journey filled with setbacks, so you need to keep striving until you reach your goals. Your Z-Cards, eBooks, and, of course, your professional portfolio will impress any potential employers when you use Soul Studios. Further, we will guide you through every step of the process, pointing out what’s working and what could be improved without losing sight of what’s important to you.


If you listen to the professionals who have achieved great success in modeling, they will tell you that success requires three different things: patience, self-confidence, and discipline, and you need all three in order to succeed.

Tips for Staying Safe

We created this list of tips to make sure you stay safe when seeking out modeling jobs and agencies in such a vast and ever-growing industry.

Freelance Modeling

Models working independently usually do so as a side gig or hobby, finding work through networking events, modeling agencies, open auditions, and direct contact with companies. The freelance community is booming in all industries, and modeling is no different. Freelancing is a very common practice today. When working as a freelancer, you should focus on building good relationships with clients and keeping in touch with those you have worked with. Likewise, you should keep your eyes open for events in your area that may be helpful. Do not attend meetings alone and stay safe!

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