Success is driven by marketing yourself effectively


At the studio, prices start at $399 for a starter portfolio of six retouched images, including copyright, going up to $5,999 for an advanced package featuring an enhanced portfolio, copyright for 80 digital enhanced images, 20 airbrushed images, a bespoke website with contact email, Digital Z Cards with all your contact details, and an annual portfolio update package for up to five years.

Any agency or company that wants to work with you needs a portfolio. A portfolio of photos demonstrates your versatility as a potential model, and it advertises your capabilities. It isn’t a requirement of modeling agencies to have professional images, but it does demonstrate to them that you are a professional and serious about pursuing modeling.

 In addition to customizing your portfolio to the niches you want to explore, Soul Studios will ensure that each image included in the portfolio is professionally produced and shot to advertise you in the best light.


A growing number of eBooks are transforming the modeling business in the era of the digital revolution. Consider it a portfolio you can send to agencies and companies that promote you as a model, making it easier to win jobs and projects without the involvement of an agency. Freelance models can use e-books to earn revenue as a second job or as a hobby without cutting commissions with agencies. Also, you can constantly update your eBook with the most recent photos you’ve shot, which helps to maintain your opportunities.


A Z-Card can be compared to a business card for models. These usually include your best four or five photos as well as your contact information. You can leave your contact information with agencies or companies to enable them to contact you at a later date if you are selected for a particular shoot.

Models can use Z-Cards to show companies and agencies that they are professional models and that they are serious about succeeding in the industry. These cards also help agencies and companies remember you in the future.

Z-Cards need to be designed for the niche you are targeting, and that’s something Soul Studios can help you with. To be effective, a Z-Card’s layout, production, and shots must complement each other. Having your Z-Card handy allows you to take advantage of every opportunity to meet or audition.