Is Soul Studios an agency?

We are not an agency and we do not find work for models at Soul Studios. Our role is to help aspiring models take the first few steps to break into the modeling industry and prepare them to approach the right agencies with the right information.

Should I have a portfolio?

The key to your success is a portfolio. It is your resume. Your portfolio will show your abilities and versatility as a model and will give clients a full picture of your potential. You will be hired based on your modeling portfolio. Therefore, the better your portfolio, the greater the chance of being signed by an agency and finding work.

Is there a fee for my portfolio?

Models will need to pay for their portfolios. A top fashion agency will invest in their models, build portfolios for them, and take a significant amount from the first fee they receive. However, not all models are lucky enough to sign with a top fashion agency since requirements are very strict.

Is professional photography necessary to approach agencies?

Some agencies and companies ask for both natural and professional images before making a decision, despite the fact that you need professional photographs to market yourself as a model.

Does Souls Studios work with studios?

Soul Studios is a trading name of The Photo Studio Group Atlanta LLC, 696 Somerset Terrace NE, Atlanta. Comparing our work with others is something we highly encourage you to do.

Are model agencies able to guarantee work?

Work is not guaranteed by any agency. You can have representation, but it's ultimately the creative decision-makers who decide what shoots to do with which model, and they look at your portfolio to decide.

In what time frame could I expect to get a job?

Again, this is determined by what the clients want. A great deal of models get jobs from the moment they sign up until three months later. Changing trends, fashions, and companies can also influence this.

What will be my salary?

Models' rates vary from client to client. They can range from hourly to daily rates. In order to track your earnings, you should refer back to your agency contract once you've signed with them. You will need to understand all the rates they're taking from your earnings, along with the percentage they'll take for their services.

Is travel required?

You may have to travel when modeling, as it depends on where you have to attend shoots and castings. Most agents arrange the travel for you.

Would modeling affect my studies?

Agents will find work for you; you choose which castings and shoots you want to attend. Don't be afraid to turn down work. As long as you are in full-time education, your agency would only contact you on weekends and holidays, so you wouldn't have to interrupt your studies.

Is it possible to join more than one agency?

It is common for models within the industry to work on a freelance basis instead of getting exclusive contracts. As a result, they are able to work with multiple agencies at once, something that can be beneficial.

Am I required to be a certain shape or size?

In the last five years, the model industry has been transformed: being a size zero is no longer a requirement for success. Many of the world's top designers have banned size zero models from appearing in catwalk shows these days. It is important to approach the right agencies with the right portfolio style and to be realistic.

Does the modeling industry accept tattoos?

While tattoos used to be frowned upon in the industry, they are now more accepted, depending on their size and location. The fact that a third of Soul Studios' young people have tattoos means that advertisers realize that their target market is interested in models with tattoos as well as having some form of body ink.