Child Models


The number of companies focusing on children’s products is growing every year. As a result, child models are in greater demand every year. Soul Studios is a great place to start if you think your child has what it takes to become a model.

There are no requirements on size, height, or appearance for child models, so restrictions and specifications are much more relaxed. But they still need to have tons of personality, be comfortable in front of the camera, and show as much patience as they can for someone their age.

Various Types of Work

From baby supplies like diapers to clothing and toys, child models have a wide range of opportunities. Around Christmas time, child models are also in high demand. Catalogs, magazines, and even TV commercials may be included.

Modeling: Is Your Child Right for It?

During shoots, there is a pretty large crew in the studio, so your child must enjoy being in front of the camera and be comfortable around a lot of people. You can find out if your child is right for modeling by taking them along to a trial shoot with Soul Studios. You will be given a good feel for whether your child will be a successful model and you can prevent wasting time down the line if they don’t have the attention span or confidence to pose for the camera.