Nude lipstick: how to pick the right shade

Nude is the perfect choice if you want a lipstick color that won’t draw too much attention to itself and can be worn at any time of day.

You need to think about whether your complexion has a cool or warm undertone while selecting this colour, which can be anywhere from pink to brown. There is a general rule that must be followed to the letter to avoid confusion: the lip color should be a shade darker than your actual lips.


The finishing touches make all the difference. Since matte finishes tend to accentuate facial dryness, opting for a creamier formula is preferable for achieving a more natural and juicy mouth appearance. Using a lip liner in a similar shade, but somewhat darker than the lipstick, will help you achieve the defined lips you’re going for.


The nude shade is really adaptable, and it works particularly well when you want your eyes to stand out. It’s also a handy companion for more laid-back ensembles, whether you’re headed to happy hour or the office.


Have you already settled on your go-to nude lip color?

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