Iconic handbags: the Fendi Baguette

One of the first bags to be called a “It Bag” was the famous Fendi Baguette, which recently turned 25 years old.

The goal of the Italian company was to make a bag that was different from everything else at the time and was small enough to carry under the arm, like the French do with a loaf of bread. So, it got its name.

In a very short amount of time, this rectangular bag with a flap and short strap became very popular and a big success for the brand.

From the time it was made until now, the Baguette has been made of an infinite number of materials, textures, and colors. It was also the first thing in the United States and Europe to have a waiting list.

One of its most famous moments was when it was in an episode of the TV show Sex and the City, which made it a must-have for all fashion fans.

Did you know the story of this bag?

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