How to elevate your looks, 5 tips.

Changes that aren’t too big can make a big difference. Don’t worry if you feel like your style is too basic but you don’t want to make a big change.

You can improve your style and look great with some very simple tips:

1. Choose a one-color outfit in a neutral color that you can wear anywhere, like black, white, or nude. The whole look gives the person a style and makes them stand out.

2. Giving your shoes more attention can completely change your look. Choose shoes that stand out because of their color or style.

3. Tuck a little bit of your shirt (not the whole thing) into your skirt or pants to look trendy and up-to-date.

4. Roll up your shirt sleeves to the elbow for a French-style look that is both easy and stylish.

5. Spend money on accessories that make basic clothes look better, like a maxi necklace, a headband for your hair, designer sunglasses, or whatever fits your style best (don’t wear everything at once!).

Dare to add that touch of class to your look!

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