How to apply mascara correctly

The look and general aspect of the face are both greatly enhanced by a nice mascara. But it is crucial to know how to apply it correctly if you want to give eyes a larger and more rested appearance.

To get the most of your mascara, adhere to these suggestions:

The curler is a necessary tool to get lashes that seem more curled. It is crucial to apply it before mascara; if you do, your lashes risk breaking or weakening.

Apply the brush to your top lashes in zigzag motions from the root to the tip while holding it horizontally.

To apply makeup to the lower lashes, hold the brush vertically and apply a tiny bit of makeup at the roots to prevent a fake appearance.

Curved, thick brushes provide volume and give the appearance of fuller lashes. More natural results are produced using fine brushes.

Avoid using too much. Simply using two layers is sufficient.

Keep in mind that if you pump the brush into the container, it will cause clumps to form when you apply the product.

Never leave the house without mascara on your eyelashes!


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