Five guidelines for healthy skins

Frequently does your skin exhibit acne scars, blotches, dark circles, or a dull appearance? Take note of these tips to maintain glowing complexion every day:

1. Get enough sleep. If you don’t get enough sleep, your skin will appear impermeable and your dark circles will be more prominent the following morning. Not only should you get at least eight hours of sleep per day, but it should be quality sleep.

2. Always remove your cosmetics before bed. Regardless of how exhausted you feel at night, you should not neglect this step. The residue from grime, oil, and cosmetics clogs pores, leading to the formation of zits and blackheads.

3. Cleanse your epidermis. Whether you have worn cosmetics or not, you should clean it in the morning and at night. When using topical treatments, the epidermis should never be contaminated.

4. Utilize specialized skin-care products. Consult a specialist in order to determine which moisturizers, serums, lotions, etc. are optimal for your skin type and its current condition.

5. Consistently apply sunscreen. As UV rays are the primary cause of the formation of spots and creases, this product is your greatest ally.

Use these tips to achieve beautiful complexion!

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