Don’t make these mistakes when you’re wearing a white shirt

The white shirt is a basic item of clothing that will save your life in the closet. It is a practical and versatile choice that always looks good, whether worn with jeans, a suit, or a satin skirt.

When using it, you have to be careful. Don’t let yourself make these mistakes.

– Forget the neck. The neck should always look perfect, with no wrinkles or puckers and no unevenness.

– Not of a good quality. It is important to buy a garment that is well-made and of a noble genre.

– Keep using the same design. Get rid of your basic shirt and pick one with details that make it stand out.

– Wear colorful underwear. Unless you want to show it off (like with a lace bra), wear white or nude clothing items.

– Don’t iron it. Nothing ruins a look more than white, since the color draws attention to any flaws and shows the wrinkles in the clothing.

Have any of these gone wrong for you?

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