Consider going all-white if you dare

When summer time arrives, white is a timeless color that never fails. You’ll not only be able to flaunt your stylish side but this look will also help to freshen up your appearance and make your tan stand out.

Here are some tips to help you successfully wear “full white,” which may seem like a difficult hue to wear but will make you seem chic and stylish:

  • Choose clothing with clean lines and good cuts.
  • Keep your entire outfit in one tone; there are several shades of white (eggshell, off-white, ivory).
  • To prevent it from showing, don’t wear colored underwear. Wear underwear that matches your skin tone.
  • A knit t-shirt looks excellent with linen or denim jeans when you play with textures.
  • To break up the monotony, try wearing clothes with appliques, glitter, or embroidered accents.
  • Add metallic finishing touches. Silver and gold both look stunning when coupled with white.
  • Make sure your shoes and clothing are spotless; if you are not attentive, any stains will stand out.

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