Choosing the ideal “little black dress”: some helpful hints

The little black dress, which was made popular by Coco Chanel and is a necessity in the wardrobe of any woman, is versatile, ageless, and classic.

It is a savior that will always be there in a pinch for either work or a night out, and it can be used for any occasion.

When picking out your “little black dress,” here are some considerations to give some thought to:

Choose a cut that is simple, will allow you to move freely, and flatters your body type. Pick an A cut if you have a hip that you’d rather not draw attention to and your waist does not have a lot of definition.

Pleated skirts are the way to go if you want to add some fullness to your lower body.

If your curves are really pronounced, you should go for a look that is more fitted like a tube skirt.

– Choose one in which the length reaches your knees but not lower than that.

– If possible, stay away from synthetic textiles and instead go for natural materials such as cotton and silk.

Make sure to bring your little black dress with you!

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