Avoid these 7 blunders while you’re at a wedding

Have you received an invitation to a wedding and are deciding what to wear? Avoid these typical blunders that might ruin your entire look when getting ready for an outfit:

  1. The biggest error a visitor could make is to wear all white. Not permitted are shades like ivory, cream, or beige. Only the bride wears white on her big day.
  2. Using dresses that are too short: The proper minimum length would be about above the knees, depending on what time the ceremony is held.
  3. Too much sex: Dresses that are too tight, showy, or busty are totally inappropriate for such a formal affair.
  4. Being overly casual: Never ever wear athletic or denim clothing, not even in conjunction with what would be deemed proper.
  5. Using a Maxi Purse: Avoid large purses because they will spoil your entire appearance. Instead, decide to bring a tiny bag or a clutch.
  6. Exaggerated jewelry: Wearing necklaces, rings, or wristbands at the same time is not advised unless they are very understated. Recall that little is more.
  7. Even if you bought brand-new shoes specifically for this event, wearing them for the first time may make you uncomfortable and even mar the experience.

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