7 tried and true methods for achieving a flawless base

Makeup foundation’s purpose is to make the skin appear perfect by blending its various shades and textures into one. Because of this, correct application is crucial for making it unnoticeable and keeping it from leaving stains.

Here are some pointers for applying foundation like a pro:


1. Make sure your skin is spotless and well hydrated.


2. The foundation color should be as near to your skin tone as feasible.


3. Make use of the proper implements, such as brushes, sponges, or even your fingers.


4. A small amount should be applied in the middle of the face and blended outward. Add product as required.


5. The ears and neck should also be covered, as they are often overlooked.


6. Rather than applying extra foundation on top of a blemish, use a concealer to even out the skin tone and hide the imperfection.


7. In order to make your foundation last longer, use a translucent powder to seal it.


Do your foundation justice by following these guidelines!

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