7 elegant animal print tips:

Every season, animal print remains a classic.

To avoid appearing unsophisticated, use it carefully. To wear leopard, zebra, or python prints elegantly, follow these tips:

Don’t overstate! Most crucial. One or two items each outfit is ideal.

2. This stamp adds volume. Make sure your clothes don’t make your body look bigger.

3. Avoid the whole look. Wear few accessories and black shoes with this an animal print dress.

4. Wear patterned clothes with neutral hues like black, white, or beige. Animal print pairs well with bright colors, but don’t use more than three colors in an outfit.

5. If animal print is too much for you, wear it in accessories like bags, belts, and shoes.

6. If you mix two patterns (maximum), make sure they share one color.

7. Pick the right stamp size. Smaller is more discrete and combinable.

Where would you wear animal print?

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