5 Ways to look stylish while wearing a puffer Jacket

Because of the drop in temperature, more people are starting to wear jackets. This season, the puffy puffer jacket is still popular for those who want to be warm while also rocking an urban look.

To put together an elegant look while wearing it, what considerations do you need to make? Take note:

1. Make sure you pay close attention to the proportions. Wearing clothes that are too loose under a puffer jacket can give the appearance of an unbalanced silhouette.

2. If you are going to choose bright or shiny hues, make sure that you match it with simple items so that the jacket does not interfere with the rest of the clothing that you are wearing.

3. If you want to avoid giving the impression that you are overweight, don’t wear bulky clothing under your jacket.

4. Dress it up by pairing it with chic items like a dress or a midi skirt, which is another great alternative!

5. Have you ever tried wearing a jacket with a pattern? Don’t hold back! Pair it with an outfit that is all one color.

Put on your puffer jacket if you want to seem incredibly chic and on style!

Source: Backstory Contents

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