5 suggestions for appropriate shoe storage

Your shoes’ shelf life can be greatly increased by properly storing and caring for them, which also prevents them from becoming ruined.

Observe these rules to ensure that your shoes are flawless:

  1. Whatever the material, clean them frequently using materials designed for that material.
  2. Fill the shoes with paper balls if you plan to store them for the following season or if they are delicate shoes. This will help the shoes maintain their shape.
  3. To prevent them from being impacted by humidity, make sure they are stored in a spot that is both clean and dry.
  4. Group them according to subcategories like sports, jobs, or parties even if they are for daily usage. And arrange them according to season.
  5. Never keep shoes in a plastic bag or while damp (doing so prevents them from breathing and damages the material), and never stack them on top of one another.

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